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What Safari Packing List Essentials to Pack for All Safaris (per person): 1 wide-brim Safari Hat 1 Safari Beanie for winter 3 Safari Shirts 1 warm Safari Fleece or Jacket 1 optional Safari Dress or Skorts for women 2 pairs of Safari Trousers and/or Shorts 2 pairs Safari Socks 1 pair Safari Shoes 2 bottles of Safari Insect Repellent 2 bottles of Safari Sunscreen 1 large, soft-sided Safari Duffel or Holdall. 1 pair of Safari Binoculars: 10x42's are best. 1 LED Safari Torch: 200 lumens or more is best. 1 Travel Adaptor. We recommend that you still use the full safari packing list on this page to ensure that you get the right clothing and gear for your safari - and the best advice. Safari packing list introduction ⊙ This is the ultimate safari packing list and we believe offers the best response to the frequently repeated question "What should I pack for my safari to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa". ⊙ This safari packing list has been a decade in the making and has been made by our safari packing list experts to ensure that you pack the correct safari clothing and gear for just about all types of safaris: game drive safaris, walking safaris, canoe or paddling safaris, horse safaris, gorilla safaris, and mountain trekking safaris. In a sentence: we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the most incredible time on safari and packing the right safari clothing, safari luggage, safari binoculars, and all the other important safari accessories is key to this. ⊙ As a general introduction to the safari experience, most safaris start early in the morning and will be on open safari vehicles with little protection from wind and rain. The rule of thumb is to dress in layers for all activities. For more in-depth information on what to pack for your safari - and why - we recommend that you read through our safari clothing advice, safari luggage advice, safari binocular advice, and our safari accessories advice pages. Back to the top of this safari packing list page > How to use this safari packing list ⊙ This packing list calculates the total number of items you will require for the number of men, women, and children you have indicated above. Simply divide by the number of men, women, and children should you wish to work out the number of items required on a per person basis or, of course, set the number to one for each in the form above. ⊙ Please also note that if your safari is longer than 12 days - and if you will have a laundry service available on your safari - that you should only take the recommended number of items for a 12-day safari or you will run out of space in your safari luggage.

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